Cheap DDoS Protection for your Minecraft server

Nowadays, it’s as simple as downloading and running a program or buying a 5 dollar account on a “booter”.  Booters or stress testers are made up of hacked sites and servers that are used to flood a home IP/server.  Because there are so many options nowadays, anyone can DDoS.

You may be dealing kids that you banned on your server for cheating etc. and they think a great way to get back at you is to DDoS or flood your Minecraft server preventing your players from accessing it.  A new service has just been opened called TCPGuard and its purpose it to provide cheap affordable DDoS protection for your Minecraft server.

The service is pocket change for what you get, $5 a month will protect your server up to 100GB bandwidth use.  This is an essential for any medium to large server.  You can purchase the service below.


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