Minecraft Server Command Compilation

In this day and age, new plugins are coming out everyday to enhance the experience of your players.  With these plugins comes hundreds if not thousands of commands you will need to execute on your Minecraft server.  This can be a tedious task, especially if you need to search for every command.

In this post we will provide you with all of the basic and essential (pun intended) server commands for the latest and most popular plugins.

First we will start off with the default Minecraft commands which can be found here.

Command Description Success Conditions
achievement give <achievementname> [playername] Gives a player an achievement, and all prerequisite achievements. achievementname must use “achievement.” followed by the achievement name (see Scoreboard or Achievements for valid names). If playername is not specified, the achievement will be given to the command’s executor. achievementname must be a valid achievement name. playername is not optional in command blocks and player must be online.
clear <playername> [item] [metadata] Clears the inventory of playername or the specified item:data. At least one item must be removed, andplayername must be online.
debug start | stop Starts a new debug profiling session or stops the session currently running. It notifies about potential performance bottlenecks in the console when active and creates a profiler results file in the folder debug when stopped. Can only stop if a session is running. Cannot be used in a command block.
defaultgamemode survival | creative | adventure Sets the default game mode that is shown on the world selection menu. New players that join the world will be put into the default game mode; i.e., if the default game mode is creative, new players will start in creative. The game modes can be abbreviated to “s/c/a” or “0/1/2” respectively. This command cannot enable or disable Hardcore mode. Must be a valid game mode.
difficulty peaceful | easy | normal | hard Changes the difficulty. The difficulties can be abbreviated to “p/e/n/h” or “0/1/2/3” respectively. Must be a valid difficulty.
effect <playername> <effect> [seconds] [amplifier] Gives the targeted player the specified effect for the specified time (default is 30 seconds). Effects have a limit of 1,000,000 seconds, and the amplifier field has a limit of 255. Effect id’s can be found on the potion effects page. Setting seconds to 0 clears this effect. If you put the amplifier to a number of a variably high value, it will not give the desired amplifier. If clearing an effect, the player must have this effect. Must be a valid effect.Playername must be online.
effect <playername> clear Clears all effects on playername. At least one effect must be removed, andplayername must be online.
enchant <playername> <enchantment ID> [enchantment level] Enchants the item that the player is currently holding, according to enchantment ID. Note that this works within the normal limitations of enchanting items. Enchantments can only be applied to items which can normally receive that specific enchantment. Enchantment levels can not be above the normal highest achievable for the selected enchantment. Conflicting or overpowering enchantment combinations usually prevented are also prevented with this command. The enchantment ID must be valid, the level must be valid for this enchantment (unless the held item is also invalid), the held item must be able to accept this enchantment, the held item cannot have conflicting enchantments, and playernamemust be online.
gamemode <survival | creative | adventure> [playername] Changes the game mode for playername. The game modes can be abbreviated to “s/c/a” or “0/1/2” respectively. If noplayername is given, it will set your own gamemode. Remember, this will only affect playername and no one else. Player must currently be online, and gamemode must be valid. Playername is not optional for command blocks.

Essential Plugin Commands

Essential is the most widely used Minecraft plugin which allows all basic features and more to be enhanced for operators and players alike.  You can access the commands here.

More will be added as time goes on… thanks for reading!

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