Best plugins for a Faction server

So i have been asked several times what plugins you utilize for your server.. So im posting this. All my opinion

1) ESSENTIALS is a must need has most of the basic commands… If don’t have this… don’t even try making a server

2) Group Manager Or PermissionsEX – Need these.. or even again don’t even make a server.. I recommend group Manager for beginners but permissionsEX for experienced players.

3) Mcore and Factions – You install Mcore first then factions!

4) AntiCheat Or No Cheat Plus – These block hackers from flying and all that stuff. and it notify’s you if they are.

5) RateOfXray – Very good plugin and it is good for catching them. Lets you know the number of ores they mined and just how fast.

6) CombatLog – Keep People in Combat not Log.. people always log in combat so this plugin makes them die when they do.

7) Vault – Good Component for some plugins!

8) Health Bar- shows health bars above there head

9) All World Plugins needed

  • World Border
  • Worldedit
  • Worldguard

10) FloAuction – Auction items really good!

Thats it for must needs if missed any others let me know!

Additional plugins:

  • HolographicDisplays
  • Mcmmo
  • Frame Protector
  • SilkSpawners

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