Top 10 Minecraft Server Plugins August 2014

1. Essentials

This plugins is well… essential for minecraft servers. Its commands vary from setting your home all the way to teleportation. It also give players a change in gameplay besides the basic vanilla commands. It has over 100 features and to learn more about essentials and its awesomeness go HERE.

2. World Edit/ World Gaurd

Now this plugin has its interests for building or builders. It’s very useful for filling in large spaces or making shapes such as domes, cylinders, or even pyramids! Besides those cool features, it has some downs as well. You have to take precaution on who you trust using it on your server. There are some griefers and people who don’t care about anything and think its fun too grief, so in my word, just take caution when letting people use this plugin. Now Worldguard is pretty cool too. you use it for protecting and modifying places in your world. You can set up flags for if you want players or certain groups to enter or exit, Pvp, or even fall damage! You can set places where only certain people can build in it and flag that area as well. Here are the Links for World edit and World Guard commands and wikis.

3. Core Protect

Ever tired of not knowing who grieved your house or spawn? Not anymore! With this plugin you can just type /co inspect and it tells who placed what at what time! You can rollback your server by just a simple command too! Preset it to rollback to a certain time or just rollback an area. If you messed up while rolling back, just restore it with the restore command! To learn more about this plugin or download it go HERE.

4. Factions

Want to fight against other groups or have a group home or even have a special group chat for you and your teammates? This plugin does all of that for you! It’s the ideal plugin for PvP and hardcore raid servers! There are many commands to make your server fun and entertaining! Just by doing /f create you get a group of your own and promote or invite anyone you choose! Go here to download and learn more

5. Multiverse Plugins

This plugin is simply amazing. It can generate worlds to your needs and you can skip around all the worlds with just a click of a button. Want more features for your multiworld experience? You can have it! The other plugins along with multverse-core are: Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-netherportals, Multiverse-Signportals, and Multiverse-inventories. What the Multiverse Portal plugins do is quite simple; It lets you create Portals out of nether portal block to your other worlds! Multiverse Inventories is neat as well. If you don’t want your players taking items into other worlds, you can configure that with this plugin! If you just want one group or player being able to transfer their items you can do that too! Want to learn more about Multiverse? Go here.

6. Groupmanager

Groupmanager is a permission maintaining plugin that I think is wonderful. Its very easy and noob friendly once you get the hang of how it works. Yes, its a lot of work to do permissions and Yes, it IS worth it in the end. When you get your permissions done, your server chat could look great! You can do prefixes and suffixes for each group or player and set up what they can or cannot do. The groupmanager commands can be found here.

7. Plugman

I came across this plugin when my Developer on my server was tired of me reloading every 5 minutes to fix a plugin or reload configuration. You can also do ALL of this INGAME! If your staff members or you are tired of having your server lag because of a reload, this plugin is perfect for you. You just have to type /plugman reload or /plugman disable for it to work. Go here to download it.

8. Votifier and GAListener

This Plugin I’m sure all of you have heard of. Votifier is made for online voting websites such as MCSL or even PlanetMinecraft itself. When someone views your server and wants to vote for it, there is a section below that says “This server supports Votifier! They will know when you vote for them.” and then it has where you put your in game name and all of that info. To get to the point of what this plugin does, it can give your players in game prizes for voting on your website. That’s where the GAListener comes in. It is a separate plugin made for configuring what the players get each time they vote. You could have it give the player 500 cash or 12 diamonds or even 10 Exp! To learn more about votifier go here. For the GAListener, Go here.

9. Automessage

This Plugin is basically like AutoBroadcast. If any of you don’t know what Autobroadcast is, it sends out broadcast throughout the whole server. You can configure them to where they only broadcast every 5 minutes or even 1 hour. Gohere to find out how to use it.

10. Master Promote

This plugin is made for promoting players automatically by several ways including: By buying the rank via sign or Command, How much time you spend on the server, By a token, or even with a password! This plugin is truly the best auto rank plugin I could find for my server and has certainly done its duty! It is very easy and noob friendly to use. To download it go here.

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