How to improve your Minecraft Server – Part 1

Building servers is an extremely difficult task, and to make your server stick out from the others may be even more complicated. When I began my first server in Minecraft Alpha, I knew practically nothing about creating Minecraft servers. Overall all my Minecraft servers I made until my most recent server all died within 2 months of their creations.

I would like to help and provide guidance to new Minecraft server owners to be the best it can be, because who knows someone could come up with a gameplay altering idea!


When you initially build your Minecraft server, you desire it to be 24/7, DDOS protected, and secure. Home hosted servers usually do not have the ideal CPU to run a Minecraft server, and also Minecraft needs large bandwidth. You should purchase at least a decent $10 host, do not purchase a lot of ram, simply because you will not acquire a lot of players on the first month.

Important note: Ram isn’t really the only crucial thing in a server, you must to have a ideal CPU, fast bandwidth, and a hard drive space.


When you search on a Minecraft promoting list you might see a lot of blinking banner ads, and you may be overloaded, but not to worry. You want to produce an eye-catching banner to advertise for you. These banners are obtained from making use of Photoshop, or purchasing some from a GFX (Graphics) producer effortlessly found on the forums. Paid advertising is not the preferred way to go, conserve your money for other things like hosts and plugins. I’ve spent $50 on paid marketing and it didn’t assist my server at all. If you really want to spend money on advertising buy premiums on your server. I recommend marketing on servers lists that get a lot of traffic here are some my favorites (in no order):

  • Planet Minecrafts Server Page
  • Planet Minecrafts Forums
  • MinecraftForums
  • Minecraft-servers-list

[TIP]: A great banner will get you a lot more clicks and visitors.

Selecting Staff 

Avoid trying to give staff to random individuals that join your server. Your goal is to hunt for staff which are devoted, understand how to manage players, they need to determine what your server focuses on, and how your gamemode operates. People will join new servers wanting staff, and you should not fall into their traps, if you’d like to discover the ones which are the most committed, tell them they need to play for at least 2-3 weeks on your server. This will allow you to have players who actually play on the server, and you have enough time to inspect them and see how they behave.

[TIP]: Do not make them apply in a book, have a website to make them apply, so you always have their application on record

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