Mojang Release Minecraft Security update 1.8.5

Mojang has revealed the latest update to the PC version of Minecraft that fixes some “security issues” and various other small issues. What “security issues” it fixes, they have not released…

We are aware that revision 1.8.5 offers “better server validation for movement packets,” “invalid beacon packets no longer getting validated,” a fix for the exploit connected to signs and command blocks, and much more.

Mojang advises that users install this revision “as soon as possible,” which suggests those serious security issues might be rather detrimental if exploited. You can view the notable fixes below:

  • [Bug MC-79632] – Phantom Custom Player in Scoreboard / UUIDs of non-player entities on scoreboards truncated after relog
  • [Bug MC-75630] – Exploit with signs and command blocks
  • [Bug MC-80478] – Better server validation for movement packets
  • [Bug MC-80479] – Invalid beacon effects are not validated
  • [Bug MC-80480] – Certain attribute values are not bound

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