How to improve your Minecraft Server – Part 1

Building servers is an extremely difficult task, and to make your server stick out from the others may be even more complicated. When I began my first server in Minecraft Alpha, I knew practically nothing about creating Minecraft servers. Overall all my Minecraft servers I made until my most recent server all died within 2 months of their creations.

I would like to help and provide guidance to new Minecraft server owners to be the best it can be, because who Continue reading…


How to host a Minecraft server for free

Some users prefer not downloading and setting up a basic Minecraft Server on their computers due to all the files, memory and ram a server can take up.

Now, you can host a Minecraft Server, completely free. It’s called Aternos and you can install plugins and mods based on what server software you choose!

1). Go to ‘’. You might not know, but it’s German, so Teamspeak and Livesupport will be hard to understand.
Once you’re there, go to Guest and click Sign Up.

2). Type in Username, Email, and Password. Your name will count in your primary address. You need an email so you can activate your account. You’ll be finished signing up after this step.
(If you don’t get an activation mail, sometimes it’s mistaken as spam, so check your spam folder if you have this issue). Continue reading…